Model View Controller with Java

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce the use of a coding style called Model View Controller. You may well have heard of this already, but probably haven’t seen how to put it into practice.
I’m going to use Java to demonstrate it as it is a very commonly used Object Oriented programming language that uses a similar syntax to many other languages.

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Your C# Program in the System Tray

When creating desktop applications it is sometimes necessary for the application to run in the background, for example firewall, anti-virus and media player software. Instead of permanently taking up space in your taskbar these applications are accessible from the system tray.

This tutorial will show you how to do this in a C# application using Microsoft Visual Studio. I will also show you how to add a right click context menu to the tray icon and how to programmatically change the tray icon.

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Coding Styles and Standards

I suppose one of the strangest thing about standards is there are so many of them. For most programmers this is probably a familiar issue. Style and standards are pretty much dependent on the programmer or the company rather than the language, which defeats the purpose a wee bit. The only solid fundamental is that style and standards are used to make code more legible. How easy is your code to read?

Most of the debate revolves around indent style but other arguments arise about commenting, identifier naming, spacing etc. So lets have a look and see what we can find.

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Create an Email Form using AJAX

This tutorial will cover how to create an Email Form using AJAX (specifically using the Prototype javascript library and the Livevalidation javascript library) and PHP. I will assume you have at least a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

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Tutorial Suggestions/Requests

We want ProgTuts to be as helpful to our readers as possible. So we want you to tell us what you would like to see here. We can’t promise every suggestion will be used, but if you’d like to make a suggestion/request for a tutorial then please do so here in comments


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